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Spider-Man Superfan

Since The Social Network came out, I’ve kind of resented everyone saying how much I look like Andrew Garfield.  I took it as my personal mission to dislike everything he did as a protest.  But how can I?  He’s so … Continue reading

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Forever Young?

“What year did you graduate?” she asked me over the music last night. “2008.” I replied loudly. “Oh.” she said. “You?” I asked. “I’m finishing up next semester.” We started dancing again and joked by speaking in German accents.  I … Continue reading

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Youtube Killed the Music Video Star

I’m going to be in a music video with the indie-pop band Black Light Dinner Party.  I’ll be shooting the house party scene and dressed as a character that’s Ziggy Stardust meets spaceman.  My role is titled “The Fun Party Guy.”  Look … Continue reading

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