Spider-Man Superfan

Since The Social Network came out, I’ve kind of resented everyone saying how much I look like Andrew Garfield.  I took it as my personal mission to dislike everything he did as a protest.  But how can I?  He’s so just damn charming.

Last week Andy showed up at the San Diego Comic Con dressed up and pretending to a Spider-Man superfan before revealing his true British speaking polite self.  He gave an earnest speech saying,

“I needed Spidey in my life when I was a kid and he gave me hope.  In every comic I read he was living out my and every skinny boy’s fantasy of being stronger, of being free of the body I was born into, and that swinging sensation of flight.”

Dammit Garfield.  How can I dislike you after that?  I admit it now.  I will be in line to see The Amazing Spider-Man.

P.S. I will also be at SDCC next year.  Wait for it.

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