Youtube Killed the Music Video Star

I’m going to be in a music video with the indie-pop band Black Light Dinner Party.  I’ll be shooting the house party scene and dressed as a character that’s Ziggy Stardust meets spaceman.  My role is titled “The Fun Party Guy.”  Look for it on my imdb credits and probably somewhere around 1:40 on the youtube video.  I’m aware that that this all sounds so 1990s (except for the youtube part of course).  But if it sounds like something from another decade, that’s probably because that’s when I remember falling in love with the music video.  After all, the late 1990s and early 2000s were the Golden Age of music videos when the boy bands and pop starlets ruled.

Ah, the late 1990s those halcyon days of MTV’s Total Request Live and VH1′s Pop Up Video.  There was Britney and Justin, Kid Rock and Eminem, Jay-Z and Beyonce.  There were bright colored shots of car chases on the PCH, naughty school girls dancing in tiled hallways, and gelled out pretty boys singing on beds in wife beaters.  In the sheltered suburbs of Wilmington, Delaware, these music videos were a window into the culture of cool and I wanted a passport.  The siren songs of pop legends called from Manhattan to Malibu, “Play on the beach and dream with us!  Be Beautiful!”  The music video represented a Shangri-La away from the normal, middle-class upbringing I received.

Times have changed.  I’m no longer living in the suburbs and I know now that standing up in a convertible while driving is probably a bad idea.  Although I may have become wiser and, some may argue, jaded with the times, I still look back fondly on the music videos that shaped my youth.  I never partied on a yacht in the Caribbean and poured champagne on models, and I still have never had been been chased on the top of a moving train by a jilted lover.  My fifteen year-old self would be shocked to hear that, “I’m okay with that.”

Working as an actor is a tough way to make a living, and I’m completely aware that a certain amount of this career is like “living a dream.”  While I try to moderate the uncertainty of performing with a healthy dose of business acumen, sarcasm, and realism I’d be completely lying if I didn’t say that when shooting this music video my fifteen year-old self is going to be “like totally freaking out right now!!!”

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