Andrew Garfield & Robert Pattinson Go Bowling

I’m producing and starring in a short film called Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson Go Bowling. My good friend, James Isaacs, is playing the role of RPatts (apparently James can’t walk down Hollywood Blvd. without tourists mistaking him for a Twihard) and I’ll be playing the skinny and fun loving AGarf.  Here’s the premise:

The British are coming! Not to reclaim the colonies, but to play America’s superheroes.  Bowling For America, runs with the wild idea that Brit boy actors are secretly taking over Hollywood.

The film takes place in an abandoned bowling alley where Twilight star Robert Pattinson, challenges the Amazing Spider-man, Andrew Garfield, to a winner takes all bowling match. The prize: complete dominance over the American teen idol market.  It’s a winner takes all send up about the superheroes and action stars we love.

We have a donation form available on kickstarter. I know a minimum donation of $10 is a lot, but this is gonna be a super fun film. So come along for the ride.

Click the link here to get started:

From the bottom of our teen idol hearts,

Michael & James

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