Merry Xmas From the Tomasettis

There are certain traditions that every family has on the holidays.  For some it’s watching “It’s A Wonderful Life,” on Christmas Eve, for others it’s waking up at 5am to go in search for the perfect Christmas tree, and for many it’s the good ol’ fashioned family bickering.  While my family has done all of those things at various times, the one constant for the past ten years has been the creation of a family Christmas card.

Of course, it’s not just any sitting-around-the-tree Christmas card – my Dad has been on a mission for the past ten years to create a themed Christmas card.  Some years it’s been the Civil War, other times it’s been bobble heads.  After we went to college my brother and I stopped being a part of the Christmas card tradition, but my Mom and Dad still dutifully carry the Christmas torch every year.  I haven’t dropped out of the tradition completely since they still need someone to take the photo and doctor it up.

This year’s theme is Charlie Brown and I think it’s pretty cute.  There’s no bragging inside about the amazing things my brother and I have accomplished (and NOT because we haven’t warranted it – thank you very much!) or ultra-Conservative religious talk.  It’s just a simple, yet goofy card, just the way my family likes it. I also happened to make the card, so I get to brag.

So forgive me for ruining the surprise if you’re already on the Christmas list but here it is, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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