My Awkward Week

What a week it’s been: from my first City Council session to partaking in Restaurant Week, coordinating Mayor Karen‘s improv festival schedule and ChatterBlast getting some serious press.  But as one of the Laws of Motion States: every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  With all the good that came out of my week of accomplishment I was faced with some well… awkward moments.

I jump on the “That awkward moment…” train this week by outlining my week in awkward moments and self-realizations.  Here they are world!

Oops!  On Monday I was sitting in Starbucks typing away on my laptop when I heard a banging on the glass window beside me.  I looked out and saw a man with a dark hoodie and glasses who I didn’t recognize.  I quickly glanced back at my computer but the guy banged again.  I looked up and he pointed to his face and mouthed, “It’s me!”  I shrugged my shoulders unknowingly, but he took off his hoodie and “ta-dah,” it was my improv friend Steve K.  He came inside and we had a nice laugh about it and talked about the benefits of urban camouflage.  In a city with the murder rate on the rise, that might not be such a bad thing.

On Tuesday Lana del Rey released her album “Born to Die.”  She may be a horrible live performer and she may be more manufactured than a frozen dinner, but I dare you to listen to her album and not like one song.  ”Born to Die” is a dreamy, whimsical fantasy land of Americana, Diet Mountain Dew, and girl stuff.  You don’t want to make a whole meal out of the processed pop, but who doesn’t like a chocolate milkshake from time to time?  Lana del Rey is that music milkshake.

I’m tired of eating at trendy places where I’m still hungry.  I love gut-busting, greasy food. I don’t want to shell out $30 for a lollipop lamb chop that has the same amount of meat that is on an actual lollipop.  I also don’t want to buy a goat cheese and pear pizza and then have to stop at a truck for two hot dogs afterwards because I’m still hungry.  After dinner with a friend last Wednesday at a restaurant, I had another dinner when I got home.

On Thursday I had the chance to go to City Council for work.  I realized after I was inside the Council Chamber listening to proposals and resolutions it dawned on me that I actually had no idea how laws were passed in the city.  Um… what?  I’d read about laws after they were passed and how they affected me in the paper, but actually sitting in the room with Councilmen and hearing them debate and discuss proposals was completely foreign to me.  I’m glad to have had the opportunity to partake in my civic duty of listening to a City Council session and I hope to go back and understand the process.  Yay democracy!

On Friday the Susan G. Komen Foundation reversed their decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood.  To show my support for PP, I posted a photo of me on Facebook in a prom pose outside the organization.  While most nudged and winked along with me, one FB friend wondered why I would ever take a photo outside of Planned Parenthood since they were responsible for 45 million deaths.  Then things got ugly as women defended their right to choose while the Pro-lifer called Planned Parenthood “worse than Hitler.”  After incessant back and forth comments, the post was ultimately deleted. If my wall blew up with vitriol, I can only imagine what the person managing Susan G. Komen’s twitter account had to deal with.

And that was the week that was.  Here are some of this week’s lessons:

  • Urban camouflage is a style to be cultivated.
  • Processed pop, like food, has its place.
  • Trendy restaurants are often about the experience and less about food.
  • Knowing how laws are enacted is an important civic responsibility.
  • If you touch on hot topics, be prepared to get burned.
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