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Sherminator Serves Sushi

In American Pie he was the Sherminator, “A sophisticated sex robot, sent back through time, to change the future for one lucky lady.” But now Chris Owen is waiting tables at a sushi joint in Santa Monica. This photo surfaced … Continue reading

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New Spiderman

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb have signed on for a sequel to The Amazing Spider-man. So that means more parodies are in the works where I impersonate Andrew Garfield as the befuddled, yet charming Brit … Continue reading

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The Shooting Star of a Commercial Actor

Business Week published a great article today called “Branded For Life.” It profiles five commercial actors from the past thirty years, including the Verzion “Can you hear me now” guy, the Dell dude, and Smiling Bob from the male enhancement … Continue reading

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Full House Lesbians

There was recently a Full House Reunion and I guess John Stamos and the old TV family were going through old photos. Stamos tweeted this one to Dave Coulier, which was just too hilarious not to share:

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Emmy Ride

Some bloggers trashed the Emmys for being too boring and contrived (Ok, ok, so who didn’t know that Modern Family would win big and that John Hamm would be snubbed again?!) but I enjoyed them irregardless.  Sure TV might be … Continue reading

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The Perks of Being A Wallflower

I’m looking forward to seeing Stephen Chbosky‘s film The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which came out on Friday. After watching the trailer, I was reminded of the book when I first read it years ago as a college freshman.  … Continue reading

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How To Use A Neti Pot

Most actors have used a neti pot to clear their sinuses before a show. Some theater professors believe it’s best to neti pot or perform “nasal irrigation,” everyday. The sensation of pouring saline water into one nostril and having it … Continue reading

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My Top 5 Most Shocking Movies

The New York Times is running an interactive piece about shock value in art. They ask, “does art retain the power to shock?” I say yes. I admit to being somewhat attracted to the dark, scary and strange. I like … Continue reading

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Fanboys Flip Out

So what happened when The Avengers got released in the UK without director, Joss Whedon‘s, commentary? Did befuddled, and slightly disappointed Britfans scratch their heads, sip their tea, and ponder “Where are the commentaries of Yore? Ay, where are they? ” … Continue reading

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Play It Again and Again and Again…

Is Hollywood all recycled movies now? As reported by ShortoftheWeek, the top grossing films in 1981 vs. 2011 are different in one big way.  Seven of the top 10 grossing films from ’81 were originals, while the films doing boffo … Continue reading

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