Edwin Forrest Looks Like Ron Swanson

Philebrity posted a photo of the statue of the famous Philadelphia actor Edwin Forrest at the Walnut Street Theatre today. I’ve walked past that statue in the lobby many a time, but never thought that Nick Offerman’s character on Parks and RecreationRon Swanson, resembled the great thespian.

Of course, I’ve always preferred 30 Rock, and only seen Parks and Rec a handful of times, despite my improv friends telling me it’s the “best show on television.” But now that Philebrity mentions it… Edwin Forrest does look a bit like Ron Swanson, and maybe a bit like Andy Reid too, with a dash of Teddy Roosevelt thrown in.

I think the best way to determine it is to have Nick Offerman play Vince Fontaine in Walnut Street Theatre’s production of Grease this Spring and stand next to the statue for comparison. Rydell Ron all the way!

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