Emmy Ride

Some bloggers trashed the Emmys for being too boring and contrived (Ok, ok, so who didn’t know that Modern Family would win big and that John Hamm would be snubbed again?!) but I enjoyed them irregardless.  Sure TV might be the last stand for fading stars, as Michael Musto suggested, but it’s also a place for new talent to make a mark. I loved the first season of Girls and thought that it deserved a nomination and Lena Dunham eating naked, eating a cake in the opening sequence was the best thing she’s done.

Maybe it’s my repressed Catholicism, but as much as I enjoyed the awards ceremony, I also always feel the post-Emmys guilt. Not because I didn’t know half of the big words that Claire Danes used in her acceptance speech, but because I feel like I should be watching Homeland and maybe, just maybe give Two and a Half Men a chance. I mean if John Cryer won Lead Actor in a Comedy Series the show must have some merit, right? Of course the old adage “the awards don’t mean anything, unless you win, when they mean everything” is as true of the Emmys as they were in the Philadelphia theater scene with the Barrymore Awards. Tracy Jordan’s stunt was funny, and so was Jimmy Kimmel‘s In Memoriam with Josh Groban singing a One Direction ballad.

Perhaps my favorite moment of the evening came this morning though, when I saw the mustachioed Tom Hanks (who won for producing Game Change) tape his Emmy to his town car as a hood ornament. The Emmys are just more fun.

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