Play It Again and Again and Again…

Is Hollywood all recycled movies now? As reported by ShortoftheWeek, the top grossing films in 1981 vs. 2011 are different in one big way.  Seven of the top 10 grossing films from ’81 were originals, while the films doing boffo at the box office in 2011 were all remakes.

Does this signal the demise of the moviemaking? Some say the decline of the Roman Empire came about when new books stopped being made.  Although I find the number shocking, I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom in the Hollywood Hills.  New movies are being made, but of course they’re not grossing $300M.  As pointed out, by many – the studios are simply giving the public what they want.

There’s big money to be made from sequels. The phenomenon isn’t exclusive to movies. Television has reused it’s share: Once Upon A Time on ABC, and the recent CW deal of Wunderland, Chad Hodge and McG’s take on Alice In Wonderland.  It’s part of the cycle. There’s new films to be made and older reboots to help support them.


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