Sherminator Serves Sushi

In American Pie he was the Sherminator, “A sophisticated sex robot, sent back through time, to change the future for one lucky lady.” But now Chris Owen is waiting tables at a sushi joint in Santa Monica.

This photo surfaced on the internet last week and some trolls trashed him, because his career has gone “backwards.”  I get defensive about this, and I thought one of the most poignant responses was “at least this guy had his moment of glory. So many aspiring actors never even get that.” So true. And he’s paying his bills. I remember hearing a similar story about Chad Lindberg in My Big Break who was bagging groceries in between acting. This was after his success in October Sky and The Fast and the Furious. He mentioned getting recognized in between asking people for paper or plastic.

According to Chris Owen’s IMDB page, he’s worked steadily in TV shows and smaller films for the past ten years and I’m sure he’s also working as a waiter to supplement his income in between gigs. Do what you got to do Chris. I bet a waiter at a sushi bar in Santa Monica also makes bank.

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