You Don’t Know Jack

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson claims that he’s quitting acting. The 73 year-old claims that the main reason is that he’s forgetting lines and “memory loss” is causing him to bow out of the lime light. While part of me congratulates the septuagenarian for gracefully going out on top, part of me also feels like it’s a publicity stunt. Remember when Joaquin Phoenix claimed that he was quitting acting to be a rapper?  Or even Johnny Depp’s saying that he’ll be quitting acting soon.

Aging actors: you’re not dead yet! And just because you had a box office flop like Rango or The Lone Ranger doesn’t mean that your career is done.  Truthfully, Nicholson has had a long string of successes so he has earned the right to retire or do anything else he wants, but as a fan I’m disappointed and want him to keep going. Besides, if this woman can still be performing into her nineties why can’t you Jack??

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