Comedy Callbacks

This week has been a whirlwind. It seemed like everyone I knew was having a birthday party. I think when all was said and done I had six birthday parties to attend. No one does cake in LA, but the booze runs freely. I needed some of that booze this week because I had two callbacks for comedy shows – one for a televised sketch pilot and another one for an iO West sketch team. Here is my audition video for iO:

Both of the comedy callbacks had me read from a script, and then do my impersonations. I do my party favorite, Stephen Hawking at CVS, insecure mayor at town hall, and some other characters that I started at The Groundlings – graphic designer car mechanic and sassy drag queen at The Gap. I’m still trying on some of these characters and fine tuning what I like about them. I’ve been toying around with a Jack Nicholson impersonation while he’s working as a tour guide in Philly.


I’ve also been watching a lot of SNL audition videos to get in the mood. How great is Dana Carvey? I lose it at his Jimmy Stewart impersonation.

Ok, off to another birthday party…

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