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Nothing gangly about my Googlegänger

We’ve all googled ourselves from time to time.  The process is similar to looking into a mirror: it serves a practical purpose of seeing what you look like, and of course the chance to be vain. Unlike a mirror however, … Continue reading

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Napoleon Shall Not Retreat

This is sad. The producers of Napoleon Dynamite are claiming that Fox Searchlight breached their contract and underreported royalties.  The producers are suing Fox Searchlight for $10M in restitution (??!!!) It’s not easy being an independent filmmaker and getting your … Continue reading

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Keeping It Real

I just stumbled across Bird Text‘s youtube video The Real Househusbands of Philadelphia and thought it was great. The Philly accents, the Main Line living, and the wheeling and dealing of business culture. It’s The Philadelphia Story on speed. It … Continue reading

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Andrew Garfield & Robert Pattinson Go Bowling

I’m producing and starring in a short film called Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson Go Bowling. My good friend, James Isaacs, is playing the role of RPatts (apparently James can’t walk down Hollywood Blvd. without tourists mistaking him for a … Continue reading

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My Big Break

I watched the re-released film My Big Break last night.  For anyone interested in the Hollywood Dream and “making it” in the Business it’s a must see.  Remember Wes Bentley, the camera guy from American Beauty?  Or how about Chad … Continue reading

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Spider-Man Superfan

Since The Social Network came out, I’ve kind of resented everyone saying how much I look like Andrew Garfield.  I took it as my personal mission to dislike everything he did as a protest.  But how can I?  He’s so … Continue reading

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